back Pumpkin This piece was made in Clip Studio Paint for the Inktober Challenge. Artists are given October themed prompts to draw. This was my favorite of the series. I only wanted to use black and white but I added colors for capture the autumn feeling better. 2022 More projects Got a project? Let’s connect!


back Cosmic This piece  was made in Clip Studio Paint, which allowed me to get familiar with digital art. During my gap year, I kept up with my art and experimented. I was inspired by space and designed her hair like a galaxy. I tried a new style and I ended up liking it a […]


back Redhead This piece was done in Photoshop. This piece allowed me experience with all the photoshop brush options. It was referenced after an image taken with some friends who were arguing my hair color. We noted it looked like a renaissance painting and that inspired me. I decided redraw it with some creative changes. […]

Sun and Valentine

back Sun and Valentine These two are characters I made to experiment with style. The one on the left is Sun and the one on the right is Valentine. I kept drawing them to learn exaggeration. I really like both their designs, and I still enjoy drawing them today. This was made in a program […]

Skateboard Shark

back Skateboard Shark This was designed in Photoshop for my school’s skateboard design content and it won. It’ll be printed on a physical board. I wanted to experiment with a painterly style. I also needed to study how colored liquids act to draw the pink fluid.  2022 More projects Got a project? Let’s connect!

Clathrus Ruber

back Clathrus Ruber This one was made to join in on “Funguary” the art trend. Artists have mushroom themed prompts throughout February and they draw everyday. I only made a few pieces, but this is my favorite of the series. This was made in Clip Studio Paint. I really like the shading style I took […]


back Maeve Maeve was an old character in my sketchbook. In our digital art club, we had a challenge to submit art of an original character. I collected these sketches and gave them an update. I got to add much more color and change her poses. I made this piece in Photoshop. She didn’t have […]