Ceryneia Short Film

back Ceryneia These are pieces of work of character design, concepting, and animation from a group student short film. I started assembling a team in August 2023 to showcase our work in an Exhibition at the Peoria Riverfront Museum in April 2024.  I co-lead and worked together with seven other people to create a short […]

Casey Keppel

back Casey Keppel This is character design is an assignment for a 2D rigging class. I wanted something very bubbly, relying on shape language and silhouette to help characterize this girl. Her name is Casey Keppel, and she’s a local boxer! The rendered drawing was made in Photoshop, while the turnarounds and sketches were made […]

Firework Frenzy

back Firework Frenzy Firework Frenzy was an interactive VR experience where users would create their own fireworks and view them. This project was displayed in April 2023, during the Bradley FUSE event. With this project, I was one of the few artists that helped established the interface style of the game. I designed all the […]


back Cupidity This was a painting done for a color palette challenge with some artists  on instagram. This was my addition, only using a limited color palette of blue, three shades of green and a deep purple. I intended this to be concept art of my senior year short film. This was completed in photoshop […]


back Redhead This piece was done in Photoshop. This piece allowed me experience with all the photoshop brush options. It was referenced after an image taken with some friends who were arguing my hair color. We noted it looked like a renaissance painting and that inspired me. I decided redraw it with some creative changes. […]


back Florence This piece was made in Photoshop as an experiment in style and color. I had been using pastels in an art class and wanted to use that in this digital piece as inspiration. This is a recreation of a photo taken by gengahrs on instagram and it was so ethereal I had to […]

Bee and Puppycat

back Bee and Puppycat These are fan illustrations of an animated show as a color exercise. I wanted to use a limited palette to describe these characters, relying on value to show the contrast of different parts. It has been on ongoing series with different characters, so far with Bee and Puppycat, Cass, and Deckard. […]

Europa Motion Graphics

back Europa Motion Graphics This piece was designed in Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects. This was a self assigned project so I could experiment with animating files from Illustrator.   2023         More projects   Got a project? Let’s connect!


back Pumpkin Girl This piece was made in Clip Studio Paint for the Inktober Challenge. Artists are given October themed prompts to draw. This was my favorite of the series. I only wanted to use black and white but I added colors for capture the autumn feeling better. 2022 More projects Got a project? Let’s […]


back Cosmic This piece  was made in Clip Studio Paint, which allowed me to get familiar with digital art. During my gap year, I kept up with my art and experimented. I was inspired by space and designed her hair like a galaxy. I tried a new style and I ended up liking it a […]