Firework Frenzy

back Firework Frenzy Firework Frenzy was an interactive VR experience where users would create their own fireworks and view them. This project was displayed in April 2023, during the Bradley FUSE event. With this project, I was one of the few artists that helped established the interface style of the game. I designed all the […]

Europa Motion Graphics

back Europa Motion Graphics This piece was designed in Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects. This was a self assigned project so I could experiment with animating files from Illustrator.   2023         More projects   Got a project? Let’s connect!

Skatepark Mockups

back SkatePark App Mockups These mockups were a final for a user experience design class. We had to design UI for an app of our choosing. I chose to make a game that teaches skateboard moves. I gave it a modern wizard aesthetic to make it unique and approachable. It was made with Illustrator and […]

Digital Arts Poster

back Digital Arts Poster This piece was done as a user experience class project. The goal was to create a functional piece and familiarize ourselves with Illustrator. I decided to advertise my school’s digital art club. I utilized design principles to create fitting and visually pleasing elements. I’m very fond of the retro feeling it […]