Bun and Bear

back Bun and Bear This was our second assignment in a traditional 2D class. This was a new experience to animate without being able to view the timing playing it back. The assignment was to create a scene between two ball-like characters, showcasing squash and stretch. I choose a bunny and a bear to experiment […]

Ceryneia Short Film

back Ceryneia These are pieces of work of character design, concepting, and animation from a group student short film. I started assembling a team in August 2023 to showcase our work in an Exhibition at the Peoria Riverfront Museum in April 2024.  I co-lead and worked together with seven other people to create a short […]

Rigged Robot Arm

back Rigged Robot Arm This is a rigged 2d animation for a class. The base was made in Illustrator, and it was rigged and animated in Adobe After Effects with Duik Angela. He’s just doing his little tasks. It was interesting learning how to move him about with his bones, and I hope to use […]

3D Facial Rig

back 3D Facial Rig This assignment was to create a variety of facial expressions, and to create joysticks for a rigged set up. The character mesh was pre-made, but the expression were sculpted and linked to joysticks. This piece was made in Maya Autodesk. 2023 More projects Got a project? Let’s connect!

Casey Keppel

back Casey Keppel This is character design is an assignment for a 2D rigging class. I wanted something very bubbly, relying on shape language and silhouette to help characterize this girl. Her name is Casey Keppel, and she’s a local boxer! The rendered drawing was made in Photoshop, while the turnarounds and sketches were made […]

Bunny Explosion

back Bunny Explosion This piece was made in Cinema4D as a modeling class final. I used polygon modeling, sculpting, motion graphics effects, and 2D effects overlayed afterwards. Overall, I enjoyed this project and would like to continue combining 3D and 2D 2023 More projects Got a project? Let’s connect!

Europa Motion Graphics

back Europa Motion Graphics This piece was designed in Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects. This was a self assigned project so I could experiment with animating files from Illustrator.   2023         More projects   Got a project? Let’s connect!

Dome Project

back Dome Picnic This was my final for a 2D Animation Class. The background was painted in Photoshop, animation was made in Animate, and compositing was done in After Effects. We were required to make a 30-90 second video that would be an interesting experience on a planetarium screen. This is also why it has […]

3D Walk Cycle

back 3D Walk Cycle This was an assignment to replicate a walk cycle from any piece of media. I chose Miles Morales from Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. I really enjoyed the movie and it inspires me today. I made the animation with a pre-made rigged character in Cinema4d.  2023 More projects Got a project? Let’s […]


back Mail This piece was made in Animate for a class. The only requirement was to make something in Animate to get familiar with the software. I decided to make a walk cycle with a bunny. I wanted to practice using animation principles with characters.  It turned out really well. I ended up making a […]