Bunny Explosion

back Bunny Explosion This piece was made in Cinema4D as a modeling class final. I used polygon modeling, sculpting, motion graphics effects, and 2D effects overlayed afterwards. Overall, I enjoyed this project and would like to continue combining 3D and 2D   2023       More projects   Got a project? Let’s connect!

Mismatched Mayhem

back Mismatched mayhem These animations were created to fit into an arcade game where players choose monster parts and create their own monster fighter. This project required a regular attack, a final attack, and a celebration animation. The game was displayed in the Local Peoria Riverfront Museum during Fuse 2022. 2022 More projects Got a […]

Dome Project

back Dome Project This was a final for a 2D Animation Class. We were required to make a 30-90 second video. The odd formatting is to fit the aspect ratio of the Peoria Riverfront Museum Planetarium Dome, where it will be played.   2022       More projects   Got a project? Let’s connect!

Bunny Hop

back bunny Hop This was made in Cinema 4D for a basic animation course. Both the bunny and the animation are mine. The assignment requirements were to match a real life reference of an animal. Given some time, I’d like to go back and animate the legs to make it more lively.  2022 More projects […]


back Mail This piece was made in Animate for a class. The only requirement was to make something in Animate to get familiar with the software. I decided to make a walk cycle with a bunny. I wanted to practice using animation principles with characters.  It turned out really well. I ended up making a […]

Rogue Racers

back Rogue Racers This stop motion animation was a group project for an animation course. We were required to take photos with a DSLR camera. We then would have to arrange them in Premier to make the final movie. The piece was a joint creative effort from everyone involved. As for my role, I was […]

Production Bumper

back Production Bumper This piece was made in After Effects for a class. The requirements were to make a production bumper to advertise our brand. This allowed me to get a lot more familiar with After Effects and it’s tools. The piece was well liked by my peers and instructor. 2022 More projects Got a […]

Letter Loop

back Letter Loop This class animation was done in Photoshop. We were asked to do a transformation of letter in a different language. I decided to do the letter “a” in Japanese. I took lot of inspiration from traditional Japanese watercolor landscapes. I was also inspired by Japanese ink calligraphy, so I used it as […]

Ball Bounce

back Ball Bounce A classic animation test. This is one of my first assignments. We learned frame by frame animation in Photoshop. We were required to use our understanding of animation principles in a ball bounce animation. This really helped my understanding of animation as a whole.  2022 More projects Got a project? Let’s connect!